Room Layout
& Space Planning

Proper space planning of your home interior is a fundamental step in achieving a functional and aesthetically pleasing surrounding. Yet oftentimes this step is overlooked or neglected by many homeowners and amateur interior decorators. If a room is improperly space planned, it can feel awkward and disjointed at best or in worst case scenarios becomes a room that is not enjoyed to its fullest potential.

At Kristy Mastrandonas Interior Design, our first step towards designing your interiors is to ensure the space is as functional as it is beautiful through proper space planning. We excel at space planning all interior spaces, even the difficult and/or odd-shaped rooms. We can make an under utilized space into one of your favorite places by creating a sensible, livable space plan.

Our space plan design service is available as a single design service or included as part of a design package.

Call Kristy Mastrandonas Interior Design today to learn how proper space planning can dramatically improve the looks and livability of your home interiors.

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